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My second major project for 2016 was performed on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at Silvana on 116th Street. The Bill Stevens, Rich Russo, Gary Fogel Trio with special guests Ira Rosenberg and Jamie Winnick presented the Spoken Word Project.

At 6:00pm we performed the spoken word suite, "Restless Motion" based on the poetry of Joan Egeland-Scott with recitation by Ira Rosenberg and Jamie Winnick.

Then at 7:00pm the Trio with Ira Rosenberg on spoken word recitation premiered "Le Jetee". Le Jetee is a spoken word piece based on the narration to the 1962 film by Chris Marker, "Le Jetee". The musical content of this work is based on the Modes of Limited Transposition of Olivier Messien.

On my groups page under the Bill Stevens, Rich Russo, Gary Fogel Trio you can see the video of each suite. Each is approximately 25 minutes in length. I believe that you will agree, the group performed each with a high class of professionalism bringing out the concepts I had hoped to express through my writing and direction. Also, please see my most recent blog posting which reflects on the process from the conception of the spoken word project to the performance.

Please share any thoughts or comments you may have through my contact tab. I would appreciate hearing from you to discuss the works in more detail.

When one project ends, another begins. On Friday, November 18, 2016 I will be presenting a Lennie Tristano Retrospective. Featuring Bill Stevens-trumpet, Nick Green-alto sax, Braden Smith-tenor sax, Corey Larson-guitar, Ben Rosenblum-piano, Paul Pricer-upright bass and on drums, Brian Woodruff. This performance will take place at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music on the anniversary date of Lennie Tristano's passing. This concert is dedicated to my teacher, friend and mentor Joe Solomon and to the memory of Connie Crother's who just passed away a few weeks ago.

Please see my most recent blog posting which goes into much more detail on how this concert came about and what one can expect that evening. Hope to see you at the show. Additionally, here is a first viewing of the poster for the Lennie Tristano Retrospective:

On June 24, 2016 I had the amazing fortune of performing my new suite "As Though I Had Wings: a suite for Chet Baker" at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. The music and spoken word recitation was composed and arranged by Bill Stevens and featured Bill Stevens on trumpet, Josh Sinton on bari sax and bass clarinet, Corey Larson on guitar, Paul Pricer on upright bass and Brian Woodruff on drums. With spoken word by Ira Rosenberg. I was truly humbled at the level that these performers brought to my music and their ability to bring my concept to life. I am forever grateful for their contribution in fulfilling a dream to its conclusion. I am also thankful for the audience of friends and family, as well as those interested in celebrating the legacy of Chet Baker who came out for the event, as well as a thanks to the OKB Trio for their second set performance. Please find below the complete live stream video of the performance.

Video of the Bill Stevens Group performing "As Though I Had Wings, a suite for Chet Baker" - June 24, 2016 (missing conclusion of the suite)


lema sabachthani, double CD 2012

lema sabachthani, the 15 movement suite based on the series of

paintings by the abstract expressionist artist Barnett Newman

entitled "The Stations of the Cross" is available for Download

at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and Band Camp (see links below).

The Barnett Newman Foundation has granted permission for

the images of the paintings to be used as part of this project.

The replication of the images on the 2 cd album version are

stunning and crystal clear and can be purchased through the

CD Baby, Amazon and Band Camp links below.

CD Baby



Band Camp

View the video to listen to Bill explain the inspiration behind this project.

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