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Fragie Beauty, NO. 11: Looking to Become a Music Teacher?


Is every professional musician capable of being a great teacher?

Fragile Beauty


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, Fragile Beauty. I typically do not post a Newsletter or Blog during the months of July, August and December although past blog posts are available below.

Fragile Beauty, No. 10: How Comprehensive Does Jazz Education Need to Be?


With 100 years of Jazz History, how do we work with students in comprehending the scope of this history through its players and stylistic periods?

Fragile Beauty, No. 9: Maintaining Historical Perspective or Insert Individualism


When performing style-based Jazz compositions is it appropriate to exert your individual style or should you be expected to perform within that historical-stylistic perspective?

Fragile Beauty, No. 8: Why I Have Chosen to Use Garageband for my New Compositions


An explanation on my use of Garageband for my three new suites: The Seasons (2019), Fragile Beauty & Spirituality and Faith (both to be released in 2020)

Fragile Beauty, No. 7: Why I am Slowing Down on Live Performance


An explanation on why I have begun to perform my new music and projects through audio and video files as opposed to live performance.

Fragile Beauty, No. 6: Take Your Time and Smell the Coffee


In a world that is moving faster and faster, how do we slow things down and become more aware of the present moment?

Fragile Beauty, No. 5: What is a True Dichotomy in Music?


2019 - Showcasing the dichotomy of two distinct projects - My 17 piece big band compositions and arrangements in contrast to the solo trumpet pieces with GarageBand accompaniment making up the four movement suite, The Seasons

Fragile Beauty, No. 4: Reflection & 2019 Projects


A reflection on 2018 and the Connections album and a look ahead to my two new projects for 2019 - The Seasons and Touching the Past, The Jazz Police performs the big band compositions and arrangements of Bill Stevens.

Fragile Beauty, No. 3: Fear of Music, part 2


Why has avant garde music failed to attain the audience, the cachet, the legitimacy of its visual equivalent? The second in a series...

Fragile Beauty, No. 2: Fear of Music


Why has avant garde music failed to attain the audience, the cachet, the legitimacy of its visual equivalent?

Fragile Beauty


A New Title to my Monthly Blog Post

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  • December 1, 2019
    Tomi Jazz, New York, NY

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