When I retired in August 2015, I set up a five year music plan for myself that included practicing, composing/arranging, performing and recording. 2018 marks year 3 of this five year plan and this year I will be in the recording studio to record some new music that I have recently finalized. I will once again be working with engineer Peter Karl who I consider to be on of the best in the field. He is able to produce the sounds that I hear in an environment that is professional and relaxed.

I am also excited to announce the musicians who will be with me on this project. Once again, from the Harmonic Explorations II & III events I will have Harry Miller on keyboards. Harry comes to the music with history on his side and an eyes wide open approach toward playing as a soloist and within the group setting. Another musician who will be performing with me also has these same sensibilities, historical knowledge and the drive to move the music forward, on guitar, Sean Moran. The group is rounded out with three younger musicians on the New York City scene who are setting themselves up as rising stars not only on their instruments, but also as outstanding musicians and composers. I am proud to introduce Jordan Young on the alto sax, Evan Lawrence on electric bass and on drums, Misia Vessio. Two additional performers on the recording will be another young, up and coming vocalist and improviser, Rosdeli Marte and on spoken word narration from Norway, Anja-Christin Nielsen.

The project will be entitled, "Connections" as the music presented will be written as three suites each connecting my music to another art form. The first suite is called, "Music for Dance in Three Movements" followed by three compositions based on the artwork of the Norwegian artist AK Dolven and concluding with a five movement piece based on the poetry of the Norwegian poet Eldrid Lunden from her 2013 book, "The Flock and the Shadow" which will be narrated in the original Norwegian language by Ms. Nielsen.

I am very excited about these new compositions and I am looking forward to sharing them with you. Please sign up for my newsletter to receive updates on the "Connections" project and stop by my website and check out the new look. Let me know what you think.

Bill Stevens Artist, Composer, Educator

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