Super excited to report that on April 21 we recorded the final three pieces of my new album, Connections at Douglass Recording with engineer Peter Karl. I'm spending the next few weeks listening to the rough mixes so that in mid-May we will begin the process of mastering the recorded material. I've had so many great musicians perform on this project with me and I am so appreciative of their contributions. Once again, they include Jordan Young, Sean Moran, Hyuna Park, Harry Miller, Luca Rosenfeld, Evan Lawrence, Gary Fogel, Misia Vessio, Rosdeli Marte and Anja-Christin Nielsen.

Once its mastered, I'll be sending it out for an expected June 26 release. I'm looking forward to having you hear my new compositions which is a departure in some regards from my previous output. These compositions have less density and feel more open. And although much of my harmonic concepts are still present, they focus more on melody. 

The Connections title was important to me as the music looks to make connections between other artistic disciplines including Dance, Visual Art and Poetry; but also there are connections to my past as a way of reflecting on my journey. Much of this reflection has been taking place publicly through my SoundCloud and Spotify sites. On SoundCloud I have been, and will continue to to do so until the official release of the Connections CD on June 26, post one recorded composition from my first 7 albums each week. On Spotify, each month I have been posting as a playlist an entire album from my previous recordings. This month I will be posting the conclusion to the Suite for Jazz Quintet (1986) and you can also find my first release, San Remo (1983) and a collection from the album Coast to Coast (1987). There is also a playlist there called Bill's Choice that has a collection of songs from my New York based albums Dedication (2003), Full Circle (2005) and lema sabachthani (2012). In May I will be posting my 1988 release Flip of the Coin. If you are interested in checking out music from my past, on SoundCloud just search for Bill Stevens and on Spotify, look for milessmiles.

In conclusion, I would like to thank each of you for following along. I have had a number of people contact me already to say that they are looking forward to hearing my new album. As always, there are more projects planned as I am already looking ahead to 2019 and beyond. The journey continues.


Bill Stevens Artist, Composer, Educator

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