Bill Stevens


On Saturday, September 30, 2017 I am excited to be performing the second of my three part Harmonic Explorations series at Spectrum in their new location in Brooklyn, NY at 70 Flushing Avenue. When conceiving the Harmonic Explorations series I believed that each concert needed a more intimate, more community based setting that looked at the interconnected nature of the arts. I began to search for alternative performance sites. For Harmonic Explorations I in May we performed at the Treehouse and now for our second performance I am fortunate to be performing at Spectrum.

Spectrum is a unique setting for this music. The second Harmonic Explorations concert consists of four pieces written and improvised in a chromatic style based on the teachings of both Ron Miller and David Liebman. These pieces take on many characteristics of the music of Arnold Schoenberg, Arvo Part and John Cage where harmonic and melodic devices are utilized to create high levels of tension and release, where silence is a major element to explore, as well as delving into a study on the use of dynamic range, especially examining the softer side of composition and performance. In light of all of this, Spectrum became the obvious choice as a location to perform this music.

In their own statement, "Spectrum advocates for and supports innovation and virtuosity in the arts. Our principal emphasis is on concert music of the 20th and 21st Centuries." From orchestral music settings to ambient - chaos, Spectrum truly covers it all. The visionary owner of Spectrum is Glenn Cornett. Glenn, a musician himself, is a guitarist and composer who has studied at the Darmstadt IMD and performs in a number of creative settings worldwide. Mr. Cornett is incredibly supportive of innovative New York City musicians looking to present new music in a comfortable, intimate setting. Please see the flyer below for more information on Glenn Cornett and Spectrum:

We hope that you will add us to your calendar and come out to Spectrum in Brooklyn on Saturday, September 30th starting at 7:30pm for the Bill Stevens Group performing the second in the three part series, Harmonic Explorations II followed by the Luca Rosenfeld Trio at 9:00pm. It is also a great opportunity to check out this exciting performance space and to support the work of Glenn Cornett in bringing new music, conversation and engagement in a comfortable, intimate space to New York City fans looking for creative music.

Look for the August Blog and Newsletter as I detail the inspiration and techniques used in developing and composing the works that make up the Harmonic Explorations II concert event.