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Please find the liner notes here which includes:


* information on the three suites (Music for Dance in Three Movements, Please Return - based on the artwork of AK Dolven and The Flock and the Shadow - poetry by Eldrid Lunden)

* a video of the Dance (here) choreographed by Luba Ash, lighting by Andre Vasquez and directed by Dexter Buell

* images of the three paintings by AK Dolven (how to reach every corner, don't worry I'll lift the sky and teenagers lifting the sky)

* the translation to the poetry of Eldrid Lunden as spoken by Anja-Christin Nielsen in the original Norwegian language

* meet the musicians: Jordan Young, Sean Moran, Hyuna Park, Harry Miller, Luca Rosenfeld, Evan Lawrence, Gary Fogel, Misia Vessio, Rosdeli Marte, Anja-Christin Nielsen and engineer, Peter Karl

* Wabi Sabi and Dedications





****On May 6, 2017 I presented the first of a three part concert series entitled Harmonic Explorations. This performance took place at the Treehouse in Manhattan thanks to both Richard Shaoul, owner and Luca Rosenfeld, curator. Along with myself on trumpet and flugelhorn we had Braden Smith on tenor sax, Hyuna Park on piano, Luca Rosenfeld on upright bass and Gary Fogel on drums. This first concert was dedicated to my composition teacher at the University of Miami, Ron Miller who opened my eyes and ears to the possibilities of modal Jazz harmony. Links are provided below to view the videos of this evenings performance.

First Set  - Harmonic Explorations I 

In Search of Consolation (Incomplete)

Second Set - Harmonic Explorations I

Second Set Conclusion: I Hope I'm Not Taking Too Much of Your Time

***On September 30, 2017, I presented the second of a three part series of concerts - Harmonic Explorations II, based on the concepts of chromaticism in writing and improvising as taught by Ron Miller & David Liebman at Spectrum in Brooklyn, NY. Joining me for this second concert was Richard Philbin on tenor saxophone, Harry Miller on keyboard, Luca Rosenfeld on upright bass and on drums, Gary Fogel. Please find below video links to each of the four compositions performed that evening:

Beyond Sound and Space

The Warmth of Other Suns

The Silence of Snow

On Parallel Lines

**On Thursday, December 14, 2017 at the historic 5C Cafe & Cultural Center we presented the third and final performance of the Harmonic Explorations Series with a focus on re-imagined standards as taught by Ron Miller and David Liebman. With me once again was Richard Philbin on tenor sax, Harry Miller on piano, Luca Rosenfeld on upright bass and on drums, Gary Fogel. Please find below the video links to see and hear the Harmonic Explorations III concert:

D.O.S. (based on Dear Old Stockholm by Bill Stevens)

Yesterdays (new harmony by Bill Stevens)

Beautiful Love, part 1 (new harmony by Ron Miller - head and piano solo)

Beautiful Love, part 2

I Thought About You (new harmony by Bill Stevens)

Green Street, part 1 (based on Green Dolphin Street by Ron Miller)

Green Street, part 2




On June 24, 2016 I had the amazing fortune of performing my new suite "As Though I Had Wings: a suite for Chet Baker" at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. The music and spoken word recitation was composed and arranged by Bill Stevens and featured Bill Stevens on trumpet, Josh Sinton on bari sax and bass clarinet, Corey Larson on guitar, Paul Pricer on upright bass and Brian Woodruff on drums. With spoken word by Ira Rosenberg. I was truly humbled at the level that these performers brought to my music and their ability to bring my concept to life. I am forever grateful for their contribution in fulfilling a dream to its conclusion. I am also thankful for the audience of friends and family, as well as those interested in celebrating the legacy of Chet Baker who came out for the performance, as well as a note of appreciation to the OKB Trio for their second set performance. Please find below a video of our performance of As Though I Had Wings, a suite for Chet Baker at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music.

Video of the Bill Stevens Group performing "As Though I Had Wings, a suite for Chet Baker" - June 24, 2016 (missing conclusion of the suite)


My second major project for 2016 was performed on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at Silvana on 116th Street. The Bill Stevens, Rich Russo, Gary Fogel Trio with special guests Ira Rosenberg and Jamie Winnick presented the Spoken Word Project.

We performed the spoken word suite, "Restless Motion" based on the poetry of Joan Egeland-Scott with recitation by Ira Rosenberg and Jamie Winnick.

Next the Trio with Ira Rosenberg on spoken word recitation premiered "Le Jetee". Le Jetee is a spoken word piece based on the narration to the 1962 film by Chris Marker, "Le Jetee". The musical content of this work is based on the Modes of Limited Transposition of Olivier Messien.

You can view the video of each suite below. Each is approximately 25 minutes in length. I believe that you will agree, the group performed that evening with a high level of professionalism bringing out the concepts I had hoped to express through my writing and direction. Thank you for watching.

Video of Restless Motion from the Spoken Word Project. Poetry by Joan Egeland-Scott. Silvana, September 21, 2016

Video of La Jetee from the Spoken Word Project. Narration from the 1962 film by Chris Marker, La Jetee with musical content based on the Modes of Limited Transposition by Olivier Messien.


On Friday, November 18, 2016 I presented a Lennie Tristano Retrospective that featured Bill Stevens-trumpet, Nick Green-alto sax, Braden Smith-tenor sax, Corey Larson-guitar, Ben Rosenblum-piano, Paul Pricer-upright bass and on drums, Brian Woodruff. This performance took place at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music on the 38th anniversary of Lennie Tristano's passing and was dedicated to my teacher, friend and mentor Joe Solomon and to the memory of Connie Crother's who passed away in August.

You will find below the videos from the Lennie Tristano Retrospective as well as some documents that were distributed at the concert including a Memories of Lennie Tristano booklet (edited by Paul Keegan) and a detailed contrafact sheet of lines written by Lennie Tristano, his students, colleagues and peers. On my pedagogy page you will find a document detailing the instructional concepts that Lennie Tristano used in his teaching including the expansion of these concepts by Sal Mosca as taught to me by Joe Solomon, himself a student of both Lennie Tristano and Sal Mosca.

317 E 32nd Street, Line for Lennie, Line for Monk

You Go to My Head, Two, Not One

Sun-Conscious-Lee, Line for Gil, Background Music, Some Other Line

Line for Joe featuring on upright bass, Joe Solomon















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