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I am excited to announce that the Event Series planned for 2022 will be a series of duets written for some of my closest friends. Friends who have played together for over twenty years. In 2019 I wrote a series of compositions for some amazing musicians and we were fortunate to meet at Michiko Studios on 46th Street to video tape a performance of each prior to the pandemic. I am thrilled to present these performances to you monthly throughout 2022. These duets will feature the following...

Elliot Honig, piano - Where the Stars Dwell, released March 23, 2022

Rich Russo, upright bass - When We Walked Once Together, released April 20, 2022

Charlie Gushee, tenor sax - Kindred Spirits, released May 23, 2022

Cory Larson, guitar - Just Like This, released August 23, 2022

Paul Pricer, upright bass - Theme for a Dream, released September 6, 2022

Gary Fogel, drums - Ears Wide Open, released September 20, 2022

...and a free improvisation performed live at the Tenri Cultural Center - Breathing Peace on August 4, 2019 with Doug Cuomo, guitar - We Have Arrived, Together, released June 21, 2022

To learn more about my inspiration in composing these duets, please check out the program: Friends ...a series of duets

Watch this space for the release dates beginning in March and culminating in September of 2022. These pieces will be presented on my social media sites and can be found on my Spotify Playlist - A New Day, Yesterday.