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In 2020 I presented two new electro/ambient projects for solo trumpet that are quite personal to me. The first is a five movement suite called Fragile Beauty based on the comprehensive aesthetic system of Wabi Sabi. It is about accepting your own faults and realizing that it is OK. For a deeper understanding of this project, you can follow this link: Fragile Beauty 

Fragile Beauty Video - released February 11, 2020

The second project in 2020 speaks to my life long journey in my search for Spirituality and Faith. I used the central themes as presented by the 2017 White Light Festival for each composition as follows (movement titles are mine and not those of the White Light Festival): 

Faith - state of being grasped by an ultimate concern. Drifting to (a)void  - video released March 10, 2020

Faith through - a variety of beliefs moving toward sophistication. The Already and the Not Yet  - video released May 12, 2020

Faith - Coexistence of sameness and other. Recognizing and accepting the other. Other is self. Other and self are identical. Instead of Eloquent Words - video released July 14, 2020 

State of Faith is inherently uncomfortable. Far Away is Close at Hand in Images of Elsewherevideo released September 8, 2020

To learn more concerning this project, follow this link: Spirituality and Faith