A Blog Post by Bill Stevens, Fragile Beauty, vol. V, No. 1 - The 2024 Event Series

The 2024 Event Series that I am referring to as The Experimental Period has begun with the release of my work Binary Systems on this website and on  my social media and music sites. I will be releasing addutional pieces throughout the year that approach composition and playing using concepts based on the study of Paul Klee (Pedagogical Sketchbook, 1923), new film music to Chris Markers film Le Jetee featuring a narration by Brainard Carey, John Cage's Lecture on Nothing featuring Francis-Marie Uitti reciting the Lecture with improvisations by Steve Wylie on cello and Ken Lieberson on bassoon and original compositions by myself and Ken Lieberson, a solo recording in duet with the environment using a series of field recordings and finally a political statement, something to think about as we approach the November election. As each work is released via audio and video formats, I will go into more detail on the compositional and performing process at that time.   

I am looking forward to sharing this new music with you in 2024 and as always, thanks for being the most important part of my music.