Works II (2024 - NYC)



Unfinished Journey (2024 - NYC)



It's Only Fiction Until It Happens (2024 - NYC)












           A New Day, Yesterday (2023 - NYC)
















        Friends, a series of duets (2022)














           Fragile Beauty (2020 - NYC)














        Spirituality and Faith (2020 - NYC)





              The Seasons (2019 - NYC)





            Connections (2018 - NYC)





Introspection - the Harmonic Explorations Series (2017 - NYC)





As Though I Had Wings, a suite for Chet Baker (2016- NYC)





A Lennie Tristano Retrospective (2016 - NYC)






          lema sabachthani (2012 - NYC) 





             Full Circle (2005 - NYC)



Midnight Sun (2004 - NYC)





            Dedication (2003 - NYC)



Flip the Coin (1988 - Seattle, WA) 

Coast to Coast (1987 - Seattle, WA) 

Suite for Jazz Quintet (1986 - Seattle, WA) 

San Remo (1983 - Syracuse, NY) 

Snapshot 1973 - 1989 (Syracuse, Miami & Seattle)



     Sound House - Improvisations (2024 - NYC)      

     Sound House - Naitom's Twist (2022 - NYC)    













     Sound House - Faces (2021 - NYC)


     Sound House - Excursions (2021 - NYC)

     Sound House (2019 - NYC)





The Bill Stevens Songbook, Live at Tomi Jazz with Corey Larson and Paul Pricer (2018 - NYC)




Spoken Word Project - Bill Stevens, Rich Russo, Gary Forgel Trio with Ira Rosenberg & Jamie Winnick (2016 - NYC)


Spoken Word - Bill Stevens, Rich Russo, Gary Fogel Trio with Praxis (2013 - NYC)

Bill Stevens, Rich Russo, Gary Fogel Trio (2007 - NYC)

Standard Time (2006 - NYC)















Steve Anagnost / Bill Stevens Group at the New Music Cafe (1991 - NYC)






The Jazz Police - Touching the Past, Performing the Music of Bill Stevens (1988/2018 - Seattle, WA)


The Jazz Police (1989 - Seattle, WA)


BILL & The BELLTONES (Syracuse, NY):

Pumping Tape (1985)

Belltones Hitz (1984)

Basement Tapes (1983)



Ken Lieberson, Symphony No. 31 & Bill Stevens, Music for Brass & String Quartet No. 1 (2023 - NYC)

TLM Presents... vol 2: To Be Discontinued, a compilation album from Thirsty Leaves Music (2022 - Greece)

Electronic Sound Compilation - A Beginner's Guide to Field Recording (2021 - England)

From Cities and Memory (Oxford, UK):

     Future Cities, Well Being Cities, Sounds from Iceland, Sounds of the Year 2023

New York Symphonic Arts Ensemble, Timothy Hutto - Conductor (2014 - NYC)

New York Symphonic Arts Ensemble, Teresa Cheung - Conductor (2015 - NYC)

George Usher - Yours and Not Yours (2009 - NYC)

Todd Coolman - Perfect Strangers (2008 - NYC) - composition Full Circle selected as part of the Todd Coolman ArtistShare project “Learning Communities” bringing together composeers and an experienced quintet of first-call New York Jazz musiciains to collaborate in the creative process.

Ron Smith Project (2004 - NYC)

Howard Shanzer - Journey to the Interior (1988 - Seattle, WA)

Kentucky (1974 - Syracuse, NY) 






        Music for Dance (2017 - NYC) 



Selim Music Publishing
a subsidiary of milessmiles productions

The New Standards, Volume 1

Features 13 leadsheet compositions in concert pitch. The compositions are flexible and can be performed by any instrumentation. These charts have medium to difficult melodies and chord changes and are excellent for advanced high school and college combos. 

Compositions include:

Don't get Me Started
For You 
The Gift 
If You Know What I Mean
Line for Joe
Little Piggy
Reverse on the Way Out
Searching For a Diner Breakfast 
Sweet Tender Peas 
Untitled Ballad 
What's This 
Whose Blues 

The New Standards, Volume 2

Suite for Jazz Quintet, the companion book to the CD - Suite for Jazz Quintet performed by Brief Encounter
Made possible by a grant from the Seattle Arts Commission
This volume contains the original musical parts as performed by the musicians.

Compositions include:

Teton View
New City
Ten Lakes
Down Aptos Way
It Will Come To You in a Dream
Morro Bay

The New Standards, Volume 3

Features 14 original Jazz/Rock/Fusion compositions presented in concert score form and may be performed by any combination of instruments. The compositions contain intermediate to difficult melodies and chord changes and may be best suited for advanced high school, college or professional ensembles looking for new, challenging music to perform in a fusion of Jazz and Rock styles.

Compositions include:

Brief Encounter
Coast to Coast
Fa Loo
Flip of the Coin
Key West
Negative Fun
Purple Lady
Quote Me, If You'd Like
San Remo
Since I've Known You
Some Time Ago

The New Standards, Volume 4

Contains 12 original modal compositions presented in concert score form. The compositions contain intermediate to advanced melodies and harmonic progressions. Volume 4 is best suited for advanced college combos and professional musicians.

Compositions include:

The Master
Midnight Sun
Miles to Go (a suite in four stylistic movements)
No Exit
Revelation 16
Special Subji
Tales of Power
That's All You Need to Know

The New Standards, Volume 5

Nine new original compositions by Bill Stevens as found on the albums Full Circle and Standard Time. The compositions contain open form structures with intermediate to advanced melodic and harmonic chord organizations. Volume 5 is best suited for advanced college and professional musicians looking to perform new and challenging music.

Compositions include:

The Day After
Full Circle
I Can Smile, Once in a While
Nice Eyes
Take the Goat Out
This Much and No More


The New Standards, volume 6

The companion book to the new 2 cd album, lema sabachthani, produced by Jay Bianchi and featuring:

Bill Stevens, trumpet

Adam Kolker, saxophones and bass clarinet

Jay Bianchi, piano & keyboards

Jeff Carney, upright & electric bass

Ben Gramm, drums

Pete McCann, guitar


A fifteen movement suite based on the series of paintings by the abstract expressionist artist, Barnett Newman entitled, "The Stations of the Cross". The use of the images for this project has been granted by the Barnett Newman Foundation. This volume contains the original scores of all 15 compositions on the album.


The New Standards, volume 7

Bill Stevens, trumpet & flugelhorn

Rich Russo, electric & upright bass

Gary Fogel, drums & percussion

The companion book to the album Spoken Word based on the poetry of Joan Egeland-Scott, Restless Motion and La Jetee, a film by Chris Marker, 1962.



Artwork by Jan Jedlicka


The New Standards, volume 8, second edition

The companion book to the album Introspection - the Harmonic Explorations Series

Compositions include:

Beyond Sound and Silence

Distance Becomes Light

I Hope I'm Not Taking Too Much of Your Time

In Search of Consolation

A Light Through Glass

On Parallel Lines

The Silence of Snow

Tell Me What You've Forgotten

Temporary Discomfort

The Warmth of Other Suns


Plus Three New Reharmonisations:


I Thought About You





Bill Stevens, trumpet

Braden Smith & Richard Philbin, saxophone

Hyuna Park & Harry Miller, piano

Luca Rosenfeld, upright bass

Gary Fogel, drums







Artwork by Mayo Bucher



The New Standards, volume 9

The Compositions, Spoken Word, Programs and Reference Documents to:

“As Though I had Wings, a suite for Chet Baker”


“A Lennie Tristano Retrospective”.


Performed by the Bill Stevens Group


Compositions Include:

Some Other Line

Detour Ahead

If I Should Lose You

World of Spirit

Insular Light

Line for Gil

Line for Joe

Line for Lennie

Line for Monk





Artwork by Laura Salzberg


The New Standards, volume 10

The companion book to the album "Connections" as performed by the Bill Stevens Group.

Compositions Include:

Music for Dance in Three Movements

 Love Dance

 Two as One

Please Return - Music Based on the Artwork of AK Dolven

 how to reach every corner

 don’t worry I’ll lift the sky

 teenagers lifting the sky

Flokken og skuggen (The Flock and the Shadow) - Music Based on the Poetry of Eldrid Lunden

 Shadow and Light

 Between Earth and Sky

 Out of Silence

 Continuity and Change

 Through Dreams, Through Time


The New Standards, volume 11

The companion book to the albums: Faces - based on the artwork of Laura Salzberg, Friends, a series of duets and A New Day Yesterday - interpretations on the music of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Bjork

Sound House - Faces, based on the series of paintings by Laura Salzberg

Live at the Prince George Gallery, NYC

Bill Stevens - trumpet and effects

Doug Cuomo - guitar and effects

Gary Fogel - drums and percussion

  • My Hand
  • Natural Force
  • She Told Me

Friends - a series of Duets

Bill Stevens - trumpet & flugelhorn

Charlie Gushee - tenor saxophone

Doug Cuomo - guitar

Corey Larson - guitar

Elliot Honig - piano

Rich Russo - upright bass

Paul Pricer - upright bass

Gary Fogel - drums

  • Where the Stars Dwell (for Elliot Honig)
  • When We Walked Once Together (for Rich Russo)
  • Kindred Spirits (for Charlie Gushee)
  • We Have Arrived, Together (for Doug Cuomo)
  • Just Like This (for Corey Larson)
  • Theme for a Dream (for Paul Pricer)
  • Ears Wide Open (for Gary Fogel)

A New Day, Yesterday -

Interpretations on the Music of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Bjork

Bill Stevens - trumpet, flugelhorn, effects & arrangements (drones, bass, keyboards/synths and drums/percussion)

Richard Philbin - alto saxophone, bass clarinet and flute

Andy Berman, Steve Anagnost - guitar

Luca Rosenfeld - bass

Gary Fogel - drums and percussion

  • Blackbird, Lennon & McCartney
  • Beautiful Boy, John Lennon
  • Come Together, Lennon & McCartney
  • All is Full of Love, Bjork
  • Tears in Heaven, Eric Clapton
  • Hunter, Bjork
  • Something, George Harrison


The New Standards

Retrospective Book and Album Catalogue
















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