The Connections album contains three suites. The first, Music for Dance in Three Movements. Followed by music based on three paintings by the Norwegian Artist, AK Dolven called Please Return from her retrospective book of the same title and concluding with a five movement suite based on the poetry of the Norwegian writer, Eldrid Lunden from her 2003 book, The Flock and the Shadow. Connections is the next step in the progression of the music of Bill Stevens with its use of Impressionistic Jazz modal harmony and European influenced electric Miles.

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A fifteen movement suite based on the series of paintings by the abstract expressionist artist Barnett Newman entitled "The Stations of the Cross". The style of music on the album ranges from straight ahead Jazz, open form - ECM, free Jazz and avant-chromatic funk. Album produced by Jay Bianchi.



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In 2005 I assembled a quintet to record a series of new contemporary Jazz compositions.

This recording features Charlie Gushee, tenor sax; Elliot Honig, piano;

Colin Campbell, bass and Eric Peters, drums.

The Quintet has performed at Small's, Cornelia Street Cafe,

Puppet's Jazz Bar, as well as participating in 

festivals and conferences.



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Dedication was my first CD release in 14 years and my first based in New York City.

It features some great musicians - Charlie Gushee, tenor sax;

Terry Schwandron, trombone; Elliot Honig, piano; Rich Russo, bass

and Don Perman, drums.

Shortly after the release of Dedication, the sextet performed

as the main Jazz group each Friday for the next year and a half

at the Green Room in Chelsea. Straight ahead Jazz with a three horn front line.



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The New Standards from Selim Music Publishing

(a subsidiary of milessmiles productions) contains my

original published compositions and can be reviewed under the

Albums/Publishing tab as a sub page to my BIO.

Each volume of the New Standards series

is $25.00 includes shipping in the U.S.


International Orders, add $5.00 shipping per volume to:

Bill Stevens
Selim Music Publishing
54 W. 16th Street #2E
New York, N.Y. 10011