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In 2021 I will be presenting an exciting joint collaboration with my wife, the artist Laura Salzberg. Laura's artwork is extrodinary in its use of color, shape, line and imagery. I was first attracted to her series of face paintings. These were abstract in nature; however to me, she went much deeper than the image of a face. She brought out an element of who they were , that part of each of us that we often keep hidden from others. She was able to bring out the soul of the individual. I have chosen three of these face paintings to create a musical statement. It is my attempt to bring out what is hidden in the image of the individual, their soul. The three movement suite is a directed improvisation for a new trio called Sound House and features Doug Cuomo on guitar & effects with Gary Fogel on drums & percussion.

With the initial stages of new vaccines being distributed our collective hope is that the COVID-19 pandemic will be coming to an end in 2021. As New York City and the world begins to open up once more and the new normal begins to settle in, we will be presenting a solo art exhibition of Laura's newest works, many completed while in lockdown from her apartment studio and a studio space in Long Island City, Queens. As part of this evening, Sound House will present the premier performance of the Faces Suite - My Hand, Natural Force, She Told Me.

Watch this space and our social media posts for information regarding location, dates and times of the exhibit including an official opening celebration. We hope to see you and have the opportunity to gather together once again.